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Payment Method

Note: Credit Card is not allowed after 1st October, 2018. All online stores that provide replica goods cannot accept payment directly using a credit card. We are honest to do business, please do not worry. Always we can show the videos for our customers and the tracking details about our orders to confirm we are honest seller. We hope to do long term business, Quality is always excellent.

1. Payment by Western Union or Money Gram

You can get this payment info on the checkout page.

2. Payment by Bank Transfer

You can get this payment info on the checkout page.

3. Payment by PayPal

We only provide this method to our old customers and sincere new customers, we will contact these customers and tell them how to pay with paypal.

When you finish the payment, you can get in touch with us by Email or WhatsAPP:

Service Email:
WhatsAPP Service: Alex +0086 18030336824 WhatsAPP Service: Emma +0086 18030336824